The Made In Loco Store

Located in the Municipal Market of São Brás de Alportel, "Made In Loco" is a shop created by the Associação In Loco. In it you can find a diverse showcase of high quality products and carefully selected to consumers.

Involved in a traditional environment and innovation, the store "Made In Loco" offers you a set of top quality products. The best Algarve wines, you can add the jam made with whole ancestors rigor and wisdom as well as the wonderful olive oils and condiments that are the delight of a careful and demanding palate. Taste the flavor of pure honey and a diversified regional sweets. For lovers not also missing liqueurs and spirits tempting. We have not forgotten consumers who prefer the use of toiletries and natural cosmetics such as soaps and creams. Organic teas are also one of the valuable options for those who want to visit us. In the shop "Made In Loco" can still find utility crafts and decorative, made with traditional and innovative technical products.

One of the distinguishing Store options are the baskets. These may be composed of the consumers themselves. Here's an excellent choice if you want to give someone - offer a basket of local products.

"Made In Loco" is more than a store; It is a project that reinforces our commitment to the development of the Algarve region and an appeal to responsibility and proximity consumption.

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