Our Region

For most who visit the Algarve, is still dominant the tendency to associate the zone with a seaside holiday destination, heat is no shortage in the summer time, the fine sandy beaches, extensive and sometimes flat, sometimes anichadas between dizzying cliffs, and exquisite cuisine based on what the sea generously offers.

On his way to the South, to leave behind the plains of the Alentejo, the traveler is faced with both natural barriers that separate the Algarve from the rest of the country: the mountains of melting, or Mu, in the eastern and central area, and the Monchique, further west. Overcome through the rough and schist soils of the cauldron, with its numerous hills and small valleys, the ups and downs serrano gives way to a gentle slope, now marked by the most fertile land of the Barrocal, crosses the coastline and dive in Atlantic of Maghreb resonances.

Heritage to visit is extensive, from the castle located in the parish of Paderne, the Roman ruins of Milreu in Estoi and its Palace, or the Church of São Brás de Alportel, the Large and Small sources of Alte, the Source of Benémola Querença in the Circular houses in Cachopo, fireplaces rendilhas by all the villages, and much more to know. Recommend is even the footpaths by ancient rural roads.

Local products are represented by empreita work, Esparto, coach-house, stone, wood and ceramics (donkey brick, handmade tile).

Do not miss the berry brandy tasting, honey, cheese, sausages, bread and traditional sweets made with almond, fig and carob.

Cork, olive and olive oil are products of excellence.

All good reasons to visit us!