António Luz
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I was born on the site of Mealhas in São Brás de Alportel. I am profession of carpenter. I have never been connected to the cork nor do I think anyone in my family has been. The carpenter craft ceased to be worth it. Large furniture factories ended up with the little ones. They say that now I am craftsman. I do not know what that is ...
The idea of ​​gathering wood to cork is old and that still sticks in my head. It did not work yet! They are different materials and so have different ways of working. For cork, I had to invent and adapt machines and tools.
Where I come ideas? To invent my pieces I take attention to all that surrounds me, adapt and then do things. I can do what they ask me when it comes to cork. But there are many things I can not do: How am I going to sell? Who am I going to say? How to enter the market. It is all very nice but if not sold ... everything disappears.
For useful pieces there is always interested. The decorative pieces, miniatures and other things, have only exit if they are small and cheap. More workpieces and higher value, these nobody buys them.
What we need? Well, I have already spoken to politicians ... just think we want money. Not at all! Really should facilitate our return to the great and important fairs, disclose the cork, help with publicity, buy cork gifts rather than plastic trinkets ...
It is comforting to feel that people like my work. Handicrafts no two equal pieces. I always try to invent new things for display at fairs. Some say that the craft, to be done by hand, should not be too perfect if not confuse it with the industrial manufacturing. I do not agree!

in Project TASA Emanuel Sancho text - Costume Museum - S. Brás de Alportel

São Brás de Alportel

São Romão caixa-postal 560-A
8150-058 São Brás de Alportel


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